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Bergen, Norway


Experience a country that never gets dark in summer and hardly becomes light in winter. It’s hard to believe for those who do not live in the Far North. But, for those lucky enough to experience it, the natural world of Scandinavia offers a spectacle that’s simply unparalleled.  The vastness of the country impresses visitors again and again; and, despite the immense scale, you may, with a bit of luck, encounter the native animals. Reindeer, moose and bears are just some of the four-legged creatures running free across wild Scandinavia.

For those we seek proximity to nature, this is the right destination indeed. Whether canoeing or fishing on the crystal-clear lakes, or hiking through pristine forests, you are sure to experience moments that you will never forget.


Dorf Lofthus, Norwegen

Multisport Tour Norway

The Scandinavian country of Norway is known for its fjords and glaciers, as well as the vastness of its forests. Hiking, skiing, mountain biking, kayaking and much more await - all taking place in the most spectacular northern landscapes. Read more.

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