Over 30 years of expertise!
Bretagne, France


Our tour guides are located all over Europe. With great passion and deep knowledge of their destination, they make every trip unique. They are trained regularly and adapt perfectly to your company philosophy and your clients' needs.

Manuele Alpacelli

Countries: Italy

Language: Italian, Spanish, English

Irene Befani EWT Tour Leader

Irene Befani

Countries: Italy

Languages: English, Italian

Petra Bergant EWT Tour Leader

Petra Bergant

Countries: Austria, Italy

Language: English, French, German

Roberto Camacho EWT Tour Leader

Roberto Camacho

Countries: Portugal

Language: English, French, Portuguese, Spanish

Katrin Dehne EWT Tour Leader

Katrin Dehne

Countries: Italy

Language: English, German, Italian

Matello Eli EWT Tour Leader

Matello Eli

Countries: Italy

Language: English, Italian

Bruno Eluère EWT Tour Leader

Bruno Eulère

Countries: France

Language: English, French

Nacho Engel EWT Tour Leader

Nacho Engel

Countries: Finland, Spain

Language: English, Spanish

Marta Fernandez EWT Tour Leader

Marta Fernandez

Countries: Fance, Spain, Switzerland

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian

Christian Fuhrmann EWT Tour Leader

Christian Fuhrmann

Countries: Austria, France, Germany

Language: English, French, German

César Higueras

Countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, France, Morocco

Language: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Portuguese

Hans-Peter Hoertnagl EWT Tour Leader

Hans Peter Hörtnagl

Countries: Austria, Italy

Language: English, Croatian, French, German, Spanish

Paul Howley EWT Tour Leader

Paul Howley

Countries: Ireland

Language: English

Daniel Jovic EWT Tour Leader

Daniel Jovic

Countries: Croatia

Language: English, Croatian

Daniela Lüscher EWT Tour Guide

Daniela Lüscher

Countries: Switzerland

Language: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch

Karin Mattli EWT Tour Guide

Karin Mattli

Countries: Italy, Switzerland

Language: English, French, German, Spanish

Mary McEvoy EWT Tour Guide

Mary McEvoy

Countries: Ireland

Language: English

Christian Metzger EWT Tour Leader

Christian Metzger

Countries: Switzerland

Language: English, French, German, Italian

Marie-Paule Nullans EWT Tour Leader

Marie-Paule Nullans

Countries: France, Italy, Switzerland

Language: English, French

Jiri Mikulec

Countries: Czech Republic

Language: English, German, Czech

Osiris Ospino EWT Tour Leader

Osiris Ospino

Countries: Italy, Switzerland, France

Language: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish

Sofia Snozzi EWT Tour Leader

Sofia Snozzi

Countries: Italy, Switzerland

Language: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Brigitte Tennyson EWT Tour Leader

Brigitte Tenyson

Countries: Croatia

Language: English, Croatian, German, Italian

Sara Trionetti EWT Tour Leader

Sara Trionetti

Countries: Italy

Language: English, Italian

Carlota Villate EWT Tour Leader

Carlota Villate

Countries: Italy, Switzerland, France, Spain

Language: English, Catalan, Spanish, French

Andre Zgraggen EWT Tour Leader

André Zgraggen

Countries: Italy, Switzerland

Language: English, German, Russian